Signal de La Grave visits Patagonia in Amsterdam

A small recap

Winter is on its way and we are all looking forward to earn our first powder turns of the season. It’s also a great time to reflect on what has happened in La Grave in the past couple of months and, maybe more importantly, what the future might bring.

Things are starting to take shape in La Grave: the lease has been secured by SATA and the tunnel that collapsed and blocked easy access opened again on the 15th of December 2017. This means everyone can start thinking about the future again. Which raises the question of how we would like the future to look and what our specific roles in that future could be.

Figuring out an answer to that question has been the subject of the discussions we had in our team the last couple of months. During this process, Patagonia has been of great importance. They invited us to their headquarters in Amsterdam to present our organisation and offered us a workshop to align our team and find a missions statement.

We truly believe in the uniqueness of La Grave and we are deeply convinced that this place could become a benchmark when it comes to sustainability and local economy integration. So, let us start by presenting our brand new mission statement:

“Encourage and ignite sustainable initiatives by leveraging our experience, network and online community to keep la grave wild.”

Great, but what does that mean in terms of concrete action?

La Grave Bike Track

La Grave town hall shared some numbers with our friends from Mountain Wilderness (see full article here), 60% of the village revenue is made in summer. Next to that we were in contact with the La Grave based mountain bike association called AVAG. Those guys wanted to build bike tracks in a way that caught our attention.

No big machinery, no dynamite, no sub contraction with a third party but a team of local guys ready to work hard in order to build tracks that would respect the mountains. Le Singal de La Grave invested € 5000 in this project and we are extremely proud with the results and the potential it creates. We are confident that L’AVAG is creating the base that will allow La Grave to become equally mythical in downhill mountain biking as it is in freeride skiing.

Hydropower Station

We also invested in the small hydro power installation which is great first step to greening the electricity supply for La Grave. Works have already started this summer and the progress of the can be followed here

More to Come?

Of course. Would it be possible to run La Grave iconic gondola on solar energy ? that’s what we are working on right now and so far we’ve had some nice surprises. More to come soon.

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