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Interviews avec CIPRA et Mountain Wilderness

Next to our contact with Patagonia we had contact with a lot of other people in the organisations such as CIPRA and Mountain Wilderness. These were truly interesting encounters/chats.

It was quite incredible how aligned we were with what they are trying to do around the Alps. And it can actually be summarised as what we said before in this newsletter:

We want to bring people together, connect them to the right people/organisations and give them a financial head start to make things happen. Igniting this atmosphere of launching projects and bringing them to life is what we think will make La Grave resilient to keeping it wild! We really want to propel La Grave into an example of a functioning sustainable mountain community. That is what we strive for!

They immediately gave us examples of places where some of the issues that we are trying to tackle (sustainable energy, focus on small resilient mountain tourism, local food production) have been brought into practise. This gave us great hope of course and an idea to pitch to our community. Wouldn’t it be great to organise a trip to these places that can be seen as examples in their own ways, connect with the people that made it happen and learn what we could distill from the lessons they have learned in the past years?

A few very interesting points that were brought up in the discussion were that it is extremely important for small local ski areas to remain existent as the transport to the ski hill is one of the more important impacts on the environment.

Next to that, there has some interesting research on how money flows in and out of mountain resorts and that sustainable energy production and local food production and use could massively optimise these local flows of money so that the money remains in the village instead of flowing out of it. It seems, thus, that these kinds of focus points could really be interesting to look at and think about together.


  • Mieminger Plateau in Austria.

  • Safiental in the Canton of Graubünden in Switzerland they have a solar ski lift in «Tenna»

  • St. Antönien in Switzerland would also be an example, that’s the community that decided not to invest in a classical ski resort development but to go for ski mountaineering instead

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