Our Main Projects
Hand-Build MTB trails

We partnered up with L'AVAG (the local mountainbike association) that is devoted to make challenging downhill mountainbike trails by hand. 

We sponsored them so that they were able to finish there first large project. The big opening is in June 2018.

There is still a lot of work to be done as they are still full of ideas to create even more engaging trails. Next to that, good maintenance is of extreme importance as well!

Marquee for Breby

There is a lot on the festivities agenda of La Grave and a large part of these happenings were in desperate need for a bigger venue. 

Les Brebys de La Meije had the wonderful idea to buy a big Marquee that could be used for all the big happenings in La Grave. We helped them financially to make this a viable purchase. It was inaugurated during the 2017 Derby de La Meije.