On 21/12/16 we've sent the following open letter to the Mayor of La Grave. We asked him to incorporate the local community in the process of choosing a new lease owner for the lift.


So far we didn’t hear back from him. Help us and forward (copy paste) the open letter and send it to him!

Subject: Open letter concerning the delegation of the public service of the téléphériques des Glaciers de La Meije

Dear Mayor


I’m the director of Le Signal Valey SASU and the president of the association Le Signal de La Grave. After the publication of the public offering for the exploitation of Le Téléphérique des Glaciers de La Meije, our association applied for the attribution of “La Délélegation de Service Public”. The 6th of December 2016 you’ve informed us that (“the commission has decided to not retain our candidacy and thus, as a consequence not open our dossier”). We respect your decision while fearing that the interest of the valley’s inhabitants is not taken in consideration as much as it should.


The association Le Signal de La Grave launched a crowdfunding campaign with the aim of credibilizing our offer to take over Le Téléphérique. This campaign was also set up to create public awareness on the future of La Grave; in which we succeeded. The campaign <Let’s keep it wild> exceeded all expectations with a 1000 people that backed the project financially and a lot of national and international media attention.


In the absence of being retained in the contest to attain the operation of Le Téléphérique, and because the Signal of La Grave represents inhabitants of La Grave and Villar d'Arène, customers and lovers of our villages; we demand full transparency in this dossier. We shouldn’t be reliant on rumors from the streets but we should be given reliable information. We need to be able to dream together and discuss our future but for that to be possible, information is needed.


We are aware of the fact that some things will probably need to change in La Grave with the renewal of lease. But today we know nothing about the projects that have been retained by the City Council and so we cannot at all judge their quality. We fear a unilateral decision of the commission of attribution. We would like to see a non-binding consultation of the citizens of the area, as you announced during your election campaign.


Hoping that this open letter will be the occasion for a constructive discussion, we ask you to accept the expression of our best feelings.


Joost Van Zundert

Hameau de Ventelon

05320 La Grave