Keep La Grave Wild

What we stand for

Encourage and ignite sustainable initiatives by leveraging our experience, network and online community to keep la grave wild.


Infrastructure and real estate expansion driven by large corporations can not be applied everywhere and this is not the right model for La Grave’s future. We believe in a model defined by the local community for the benefit of the community.

Cultural Uniqueness

Everyone agrees: La Grave is a really special place! You just feel that by walking its streets and talking to its people. 

Trying to communicate about this atmosphere and its uniqueness has always been one of our main points of focus.

Sustainable development

Instead of relying on real estate development as a business model Le Signal de La Grave is working with representatives of the local community and a network of businesses and organizations to propose a sustainable development strategy that will #KeepLaGraveWild:

  • Local food production

  • Hand-build Downhill MTB tracks

  • Sustainable energy production

Transparency on funds

At the end of 2016 we organized a crowd fund campaign on Indiegogo. We raised € 61.625,00 in 1 month with backers from all over the world. In the diagram to the left you can see where the money has gone up until now. We want to share this because we think it is really important to be transparent with our backers and followers.

We still have approximately € 13k available. The goal is to spend all this money locally in La Grave in the form of sponsorships for projects we believe in. We plan to open a call for projects shortly.

The projects we fund are preferably perennial. This way we give something back to the community over a long period of time. Next to that we also invest in events that help the image of La Grave. These investments are capped at € 1,5 k.

In the Press